A long time ago, in 2010 one of us got acquainted with paracord by pure accident which no one remembers today. Since then this acquaintance has gradually grown into friendship. It has been transforming and evolving. And in the end of 2013 it became so uncontrollably big that it gave us the idea to make paracord friends with others.

In order to make these acquaintances high-class and pleasant we are working night and day. We give us all to our business and are very happy when new people get in touch with paracord successfully and thank us.

We have clear objectives and principles that we stick to while building our business up.

Our Objectives

♦  Making the world a better place by making people happy

Beautiful, stylish, practical and unique items are the source of positive emotions for our clients.

♦  Building trust

We want to become friends with our clients.

♦  Building a successful company,

which is based on craftsmanship, self-development and personal fulfillment of the staff.

Our Principles

♦  Quality

The market is oversaturated with fake and second-rate products unworthy of the customers. And this should be stopped. We make our product only of the original US paracord and have a strict final product quality control system in place.

♦  Honesty

We do not steal the pictures of others’ products making it look like ours. We do not lay our hands on others’ achievement. We do not hid anything from our clients, positively react to criticism and are always ready to make our mistakes straight.

♦  Constant strive for perfection

We work every day to become better for ourselves and our clients.

♦  Healthy lifestyle

We promote healthy lifestyle. We are huge fans of travelling, as several days in an unfamiliar environment give you more knowledge and experience than another day in the office.

♦  Nothing is impossible

As Comandante «Che» Guevara once said, ‘Be realistic, demand the impossible!’ We believe that nothing is impossible and everything depends on us.